Welcome everybody,

meFirstly, thank you very much for having a look at my blog. Here is a quick introduction about myself. I am South African by birth as well as a bilingual speaker (English and German). I have grown up in a diverse cultural society throughout my life, having lived in South Africa, Ireland, Germany and the USA. Spending the most of my younger years in Ireland, I completed my school leaving certificate in 2011. Afterwards, I studied for a BSc in Sports & Exercise Science at University College Dublin (UCD). Upon graduation in 2014, I enrolled for an MSc in Sports Performance at the University of Limerick. During my MSc degree, I specialised in performance analysis.

Screenshot (414)I enjoy travelling and learning about different cultures.  On the left, I have attached a map showing the cities I have been to. Furthermore, I have been fortunate to work all over the world (China, Ireland, Spain, Germany, the UK, the USA and throughout southern parts of Africa). From all the travelling that I have done, I  feel that I can adapt to any new environment without distractions. In addition, I believe myself to be a hard-working, reliable, organised, communicative and time-managed individual, who is always open to new ideas and constructive feedback.

I am a soccer/football fanatic and regularly write blog posts for American Soccer Analysis (ASA). Among the topics I have examined were Goalkeepers and East versus West accuracy and conversion differences in Major League Soccer (MLS). Recently, I got quite good at Tableau and created this interactive visualization for ASA. You should go check it out! Otherwise, when I am not writing for ASA, my work can be found on my blog under “Latest posts“, My Work, Expected Goals and the occasional graph through my Tableau.

Below is an example of some work that I am currently doing on the Bundesliga.

The full and maybe more easier version to access and view can be found here. This workbook has so far been well received by the “Football Analytics” community on Twitter and was in early Dec 2016 used in a blog post examining Hertha Berlin on Paste MagazineElsewhere, my work has appeared on the OptaPro site “An examination of corner kick strategies in European Leagues”. I have also noticed that my Bundesliga Tableau work has been used by Abel Meszaros of the BundesPremierLeague here, here and here.

How can Football Analytics be useful?

Please click here to view the video.

In addition to the Tableau workbook, I earlier this season (2016/17) around late October made a vlog looking into Hertha Berlin and their underlying numbers. The video is available to view below.