Welcome everybody,

meFirstly, thank you very much for having a look at my blog. Here is a quick introduction about myself. I am South African by birth as well as a bilingual speaker (English and German). I have grown up in a diverse cultural society throughout my life, having lived in South Africa, Ireland, Germany and the USA. Spending the most of my younger years in Ireland, I completed my school Leaving Certificate in 2011.

Afterwards, I studied for a BSc in Sports & Exercise Science at University College Dublin (UCD). Upon graduation in 2014, I enrolled for an MSc in Sports Performance at the University of Limerick. During my MSc degree, I specialised in Performance Analysis.

Screenshot (414)I enjoy travelling and learning about different cultures.  On the left, I have attached a map showing the cities I have been to. Furthermore, I have been fortunate to work all over the world (China, Ireland, Spain, Germany, the UK, the USA and throughout southern parts of Africa). From all the travelling that I have done, I  feel that I can adapt to any new environment without distractions. In addition, I believe myself to be a hard-

working, reliable, organised, communicative and time-managed individual, who is always open to new ideas and constructive feedback.

Since then, the blog has taken off quite nicely and I have enjoyed writing statistically based reports on clubs and players alike. Throughout my blog, you find examples of different sports (football and rugby). Most of the work is football based – mostly due to data being a lot more accessible but also because it’s a sport I thoroughly enjoy following. My previous work can be found under the “My Work” tab. Here you will find articles where my work has been mentioned and data I have collected was used.

Occasionally, I have also made videos about metrics used in football such as the video below.

Elsewhere, I have experience of using Tableau (a data visualisation software) to produce this Bundesliga Review in 2016/17.

The full and maybe more easier version to access and view can be found here.