Year Ending 2017 / Starting 2018

To all my followers and the newcomers, you may have noticed that it has been a while since this blog was “updated”. That was due to several other exciting analysis opportunities that arose towards the end of 2017. If I remember correctly the last piece of work I wrote on this blog was a basic scouting comparison report of finding a replacement for Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante (if he was to leave). Using data I had gathered I was able to assess two players’ who are also quite unique like Kante.

Most of my work since then has either been confidential for clubs in different sports or more visually orientated– designing Dashboards and understanding “The Best Practices”.


I furthered my knowledge of Tableau by gathering, analysing and presenting data through interactive visual dashboards. This included an interactive CV (full version) and a tutorial how to map XY co-ordinates in Tableau among other things.

  • The Premier League Scout


2. Major League Soccer (MLS) Shot Maps (Teams & Players)


*If you are looking to learn how to embed Tableau workbooks into your blog, this post is great.

August 2017 – present

• I formed an analysis group with fellow GAA county analysts and coaches. We provided analysis support to clubs during the club campaigns around County Dublin & Kildare.

• Currently, working remotely for a soccer club in the Middle East providing opposition & data analysis support as well as helping with player profiling & recruitment.

• I continued basic xG (Expected Goals) metrics for the German Bundesliga and South African Premier Soccer League & a post-game Dashboard.

• I continued another passion of mine which is traveling.  I ticked Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Swansea off my list while re-visiting Berlin and Stockholm. Most recently, I went back for a family trip to South Africa also.

• In January, I attended the English Institute of Sport’s (EIS) Skills4Performance workshop which was very beneficial in terms of further developing communication, organisation, professionalism and critical-thinking skills.

• I joined a provincial county football team providing analysis and analytical consultancy for pre-match, match-days and post-match.

• In February, I (alongside two fellow analysts – Ray Hamill (@FinerMargins) & Ferdia O’Hanrahan (@FerdiaOHanrahan) presented at the OptaPro Forum in London. We discussed using Opta and ChyronHego Tracking Data how teams’ can “Develop optimal defensive strategies for corner situations”.

That’s been it for so far. The plan for the rest of 2018 is to:
1. Learn new and develop knowledge of existing software (NacSport, Python, SQL, Excel, Tableau).
2. Travel
3. Enjoy life
Thanks for reading.



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