My Work

I have always watched a lot of football matches. I do not particularly watch one league all the time. I skip around to see how other teams in other leagues (and their players) are performing. I am a big fan of the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga and Major League Soccer (MLS).

I am very interested in working with video analysis while using data to complement the results of games, opposition, and player analysis. Complementing the video analysis with data analysis is important. Why? Even though the individual events are subjectively defined in nature (personal preference), the data (over time) gives you an objective view of what happened in the game(s).

Below you can find some of my work, mostly links to data visualisations, videos and articles interpreting the data that I collected. Alternatively, you can access them all here or by clicking individually on each link under the different headings below.


League of Ireland

Premier League


Major League Soccer (MLS)

Six Nations


My hours of spending collecting data also paid off. Firstly, it helped me develop my Excel skills. 2) I know where to easily access data from. 3) I have been able to evaluate teams and players from a statistical standpoint. Most rewarding though I suppose would be that my name has featured in the following publications.

1. Paste Magazine

2. BundesPremierLeague

4. OptaPro

Visual Shot Analysis

The two shot analysis examples below are part of my first works. I quite like the design and simplicity of it. The purpose of showing them was to illustrate my own development in terms of a sports analyst and data visualisation specialist.

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