Premier League

soccer pitch ZonesDuring the course of the 2015/2016 Premier League season, I collected all shots (goals, saves, off target and blocked) taken by each player and divided them according to these 8 zones. After playing a certain number of games (see below) I graphed a number of measures (see below). I recognise that there are numerous other ways to project how teams and players are ‘performing’ (number of passes, distance run, defensive statistics and tactical analysis etc)¬†however, I just concentrated on the shots.

After the following number of games played (3, 6, 9, 13, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 34 and 38) throughout the season, the following Shot Statistics were analysed. 1) I looked at each teams’ No. of Shots Taken and their overall Goal Conversion%, 2) Each Team’s SoT and SoT%, 3) Their Danger Zone (DZ) Shots and DZ Conversion% (Areas 1 & 2) and 4) the Box Shots and Box Conversion% (Areas 3 – 5). All these can be found by clicking on the “2015/16 Season” page.

Furthermore, I tested my xG model on the season’s shot data which can be found here.